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Leaving the mainstream ideas behind.

Raising a large family


Ideas on making it all work.



How feed and clothe them all!



Teaching children the value of work, self-government, and responsibility.

combating Materialism


Teaching children that less is more and that they don't need it all.



The joy and value of home education.

About Us

Our journey to the homestead

It was early 2005 when we realized things weren't going the way we thought they would.

We had three children and a fourth on the way.  Our oldest was learning things in second grade that we didn't want him learning...and not learning the things we wanted him learning.

Something had to change.

When we opened our minds to a new approach to education, it soon followed that we opened our minds to a change in our lifestyle.

After spending a year homeschooling in suburbia, we found we lacked the environment for the type of education we wanted for our children.

We wanted them to learn to work, to understand life and death, to feel the weight of responsibility long before they held their first job or their first child.  And our environment wasn't providing that.

Our minds had also shifted in our understanding of nutrition.  We found ourselves wanting to get back to the earth for many reasons and on many levels.

Not long later, we were on our little homestead, four children and two pregnant Seppala Siberian Sled Dogs in tow.  

No trees.  Just dirt, a little house, a wood stove, and a vision.

Every dream has to start somewhere.  At some point, you have take the first step.


Raising a Large family


Feeding them all

Some people feel that a large family can break the bank in the grocery department.  With a little planning and some time in the kitchen, it's actually quite easy to stay in a smaller budget and still have full tummies.

Teaching cooperation and responsibility

It's pretty much impossible to run a large household without cooperation and everyone taking responsibility for themselves.  This is more possible than you think!

Homeschooling a large family

The teacher learns the most.  Think about it, when you study to teach something you get more out of it than any student could.  Learn to use this technique to accomplish large-family education.

Benefits of large families

Take it from a mom of nine who was raised in a family of two.  Large families can teach you things nothing else can!

Taming the schedule

Large families can present a real scheduling conflict. 

The laundry

It's a given that with lots of people, there will be lots of laundry.


Feeding them All

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Teaching Cooperation and Responsibility

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The Benefits of Large families

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Taming the Schedule

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